Now Open!

We are located in Grand Rapid's Beautiful Downtown Market and we specialize 
in traditional Vietnamise food and coffee

Pho Bo- $9.95

(Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup): Beef Stock Pour over Rice Pho Noodle, Thin Sliced Raw Flank Steak, & Sliced Beef Ball, Top with Cilantro, Green Onions & White Onions. Serve Optional with Hoison/Sirracha Sauce & Fresh Bean Sprouts, Thai Basil, & Slice of Lime. *Gluten Free and no MSG*

Banh Mi- $4.95

(French/Vietnamese Pork Sandwich): Chicken/Pork Patte & Egg/Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spread, Pork Roll, Headcheese, & BBQ Pork. Top with Pickled Carrots/Daikon Radish, Cilantro, Jalapenos on French/Vietnamese Bread. Not for those Allergic to 'Pork', 'Gluten', & 'Egg'

Goi Coun- 2 for $3.95

(Vietnamese Summer Rolls): Rice Vermicelli Noodle, Lettuce, Mint Leave, Garlic Chive, Sliced Tiger Shrimp &Pork Belly. Serve with a Peanut Hoison Sauce. Not for those Allergic to 'Shrimp', Pork Belly', & 'Peanuts'. *Gluten Free and no MSG*

Ca Phe Sua Da- $2.95

(French-Vietnamese Iced Coffee): Individual Slow Drip Serving of the Famous French Style 'Cafe Du Mode' Coffee with Condensed Milk for Sweetener over Ice. Join the coffee mug club for $25 and pay $2 instead of $4. Not for those with milk allergies


We are a family owned, multi generation run authentic Vetnameese resturant located in Downtown Grand Rapids.
We specialize in traditional Vietnamese pho noodle soup as well as banh mi, summer rolls, and other Vietnamese specialties. We also have a retail shop carrying Asian produce and Vietnamese items!



We are coming to the Downtown Market!

435 Ionia Ave. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503